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Wuxi Zhicheng company's manufacturing capacity

2015/12/15      view:
The main manufacturing equipment include:
Bending 3 sets of all kinds, large four-core coiling maximum wall thickness of up to 60mm; AC-DC automatic submerged arc welding machine 5 sets, hand welding, welding, plasma cutting machine; XB-12 Large Milling sewing machine; 15T-50T anti-roll bars 10; 13X2500 shears three; five lane bridge crane; 1200T hydraulic machine: 30T land in the balance; all kinds of metal-cutting machine tools and other 117 sets of equipment.
Further equipment includes:
X-ray detector, impact tester, eighteen element chemistry analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, universal testing machine, pressure test, air tightness tester, magnetic detectors, ultrasonic thickness measurement as well as rust, paint equipment.