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October 5 morning the company held a staff meeting

2015/12/15      view:

Zhicheng celebrate the National Day after, on October 5 in the morning held a staff meeting, the meeting, general manager of money for the work of the former stage and the task currently facing made a "cohesion Zhicheng team positive energy, winning 14 annual turnaround "pep talk, talk focused on the following three aspects of the work and problems:
    One summarized the 14 years since the company profile: speech pointed out that 14 years of production, sales, is not ideal, the company's benefits compare with the previous two years have some decline; however we still there are more production tasks can not be scheduled for delivery phenomenon, product quality problems also occur more frequently, there are aspects of the drawings, there is outsourcing, outsourcing aspects, there are aspects of the organization of work Yan then, have their own terms of skill level is not enough, there are production team productions, more work initiative is not strong and irresponsible economic losses caused by human factors aspects and other issues.
Speech pointed out that these cases, the company has created a significant negative impact:
First, the Company had significantly increased operating costs, significantly reduced effectiveness;
Second, the production team has created a significant loss of working to this end, the waves work to increase the production of man-hours,
Delays in production time, delayed delivery, also facing customers of my company's punishment;
Third, the most serious is the damage to the company's external reputation Zhicheng, a direct impact on
Foreign companies into whether the contract business orders.
Speech emphasized that these hard facts and bloody lesson should lead company and all the staff enough attention. And require future work through their own efforts to be corrected, to make up! Speech warn us if not quickly, not effective to correct these problems and allowed to spread, then the company will be faced with cause unimaginable difficulties, we must face the harsh reality. Speech requires us only to continue to correct problems in order to continue to progress; to allow the company to grow and develop; in order to have better benefits generated; in order to allow their staff to get more benefits.
       Speech touching on the company emerged phenomenon, also highlighted to give praise:
       As 周兆良 team leap Yonghua, Chin Yu employees, they take seriously when co-produced Desmet 22A products, meticulous, doing equipment without rework and won the praise of customers supervision; PRESERVATION team in the production of De Smet Ferrero deodorizing tower, overtime work, reasonable arrangement, Seiko secret agents, to complete the task on schedule durability, and certainly get the foreigner; Again Zhang Yong, Vice Minister of Production, home to marry a cousin, but he realized that the company's recent work stress, hand work is very urgent, decided to lay the greeting and home, give up home, work overtime for the urgent task to make every effort, reflecting the admirable professionalism; Minister of Production strict Bora, according to the DT, DC tight project work required the characteristics of high for the company, for the sake of the team, start the brain, making the effective machining tooling, greatly improving production efficiency and get customers and so on.
       Speech affirmed the positive energy Zhicheng emerging, and convinced that each employee can work together if Zhicheng, play out their potential positive energy, then the company will be able to ensure the quality and quantity on schedule to complete tasks for each project it .
     Second, the company is faced with the daunting task of project: National Day speech that after three months from the end of the year on, and the company faces the task of producing very heavy, very urgent, very complex and demanding: Specifically:
1, De Smet Shenji project, 15 +15 Taiwan atmospheric pressure vessels, 15 in late February delivery; 2, De Smet DT, DC projects, 15 January delivery;
3, φ3600 deodorizing tower project, delivered on January 15;
4, DSM heat exchanger tank 36 projects, 15 February delivery;
5. De Smet Card Day 29 / 22A project, 14.11.10 and 12.20 respectively delivery;
6, Guangdong Jiangmen project, 14 units, 14.10.30 and 14.11.30 respectively public delivery;
7, Guangdong co-Swiss project, 18 sets 14.10.20 delivery;
8, De Smet Zhangjiagang project, six (80% complete), 14.10.25 delivery;
9. De Smet card day deodorizing tower project, 14.12.20 delivery.
   At the same time there will be other projects will follow one after another.
       Speech pointed out that the face of so many tasks, require the company's leaders, the various departments and functions, the lines should take the initiative to be effective with the production team leader who headed efforts to organize, expand production line staff, quality assurance system To ensure the timely and effective operation, requiring every employee to improve the overall quality of work, good control over the quality of every job off.
   Third, the work measures will be taken: his speech stressed the need to mobilize the whole company, to mobilize the production enthusiasm and passion of every employee. The situation faced by the company, the problems faced and the tasks to be achieved be publicly available, to make clear to understand each employee; 14 years of revenue per employee quality of work the key to see the last three months progress by working together to ensure that all employees full allocation of mind.
       To vigorously recruiting production line staff, reiterated the company will announce incentives provision when strongly cash. While the leadership of jurisdiction rules and "quality accidents, equipment accidents, loss damages the tool approach" to give announcement, clear management responsibility to the people, penalties and rewards. Speech further stressed the need to unite the team's positive energy Zhicheng, Zhicheng team through close collaboration, to lay 14-year turnaround.
       To strengthen the supervision of the company, to take up work time playing computer, play phone, channeling Kong, sabotage acts appear to make severe punishment; working time playing computer computer suspended; play with the mobile phone turned over to the custody ordered commuting hair also; channeling Kong sabotage acts punished 20 / Yuan times. At the same time he stressed the need to rectify and eliminate unhealthy companies, especially foreign customers processing is prohibited to eat, take, to, If it is found, it will give notice of the persons concerned and dismissal process. Speech also particularly stressed the need to strengthen safety supervision, during work do not wear uniforms, not worn workshop labor protection supplies will be given on the spot to take pictures, the day punishment.
       To do the logistical work, it is reasonable for the production line services.
         First, human resource requirements to fully cooperate with the production team recruitment production line staff; the second is the requirement to do overtime work and work on arrangements for staff vehicles; third is to strengthen the cafeteria, on the basis of ensuring hygienic food quality did not fall, if necessary, for Some appropriate improvement; Fourth, good organization of work of staff accommodation;
       Finally, you call the staff speak ideologically taut string should work, the concrete work done there is fully prepared to set up effective work programs and plans and to implement them, but also have to do the preparation and contingency plans and program, resulting in a loss situation to prevent the task suddenly increased.
       Convinced Zhicheng speech at the joint efforts of all the staff, ending 14 years we will be able to hit a nice turnaround!