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Warm congratulations to the Asia 7 meters in diameter DT, DC equipment was successfully completed in Wuxi Zhicheng

2015/12/15      view:
Asia's biggest challenge was successful welcome
Grab the opportunity Zhicheng step a new high

In the current market economy to withstand greater pressure on the real economy is facing difficulties, the equipment industry is treading on thin ice of the grim situation, the Zhicheng bottom united as one, worked outside development, solid and strong skills, has made gratifying achievements, created a blog into the company's most --- to be completed and shipped overseas to 2015.11.5.
This year July and August, the company contracted to export abroad DT, DC large-scale equipment, this device up to seven meters in diameter, height of 26 meters, with a total weight of 258 tons, is bigger than ever, companies making equipment, The device can be termed the most in Asia. Faced with such a daunting task, to mobilize the whole company, meticulous organization, actively preparing, selecting crack, Zhangao Wen, take the heat, various departments work closely together, round after round of strict quality control processes; project department, production department, QC, etc. cooperation between various departments, Zhouzhao Liang, Hangzhou Yadong with two team staff and administrative staff, subject to the company to arrange to overcome family difficulties, bracing, room and board at the pier nearly two months, their hard efforts to fulfill the project tasks.
Throughout the production period, the staff responsible, meticulous, supervision and international response to the request made by the tripartite test engineer, strictly enforced, fully cooperate without conditions, access to the approval of the client and project inspectors. At the same time, all employees strictly abide by the rules and regulations dock, firmly establish the safety first, quality first concept, no security incidents occurred during the whole terminal construction, no misconduct appear together for Zhicheng company's image by the light , Tim color!
Hopes and challenges coexist in the same struggle and tomorrow, let us work hard together for the Zhicheng better tomorrow!