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    More than ten years of wind and rain, more than ten years of hardships, there is a way

    2015/12/15      view:
    Remember Wuxi Zhicheng Biochemical Engineering Equipment Co., celebration of the completion of the new plant
    It starts with, Vientiane update. January 4, 2014, Sino-Japanese New Year approaching, Wuxi City Zhicheng Biochemical Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. The new plant (B plant) was completed and went into operation. To meet this event, the chairman and general manager of the company Qian Ju Ming with the staff and guests at the Wuxi Long held the inauguration ceremony tall hotel event.
    Celebration event, chairman of money Zhicheng Ju Ming, the company from scratch, from small to large, arduous and tortuous process of entrepreneurship, published wording sincere, full of pride in his speech, only pragmatic, pioneering spirit, followed by Reinforcement, proud but not complacent, of one mind in order to create a better future Zhicheng.
    Celebration event, the staff and fellow guests toasted to congratulate Zhicheng company's success today, more brilliant tomorrow Zhicheng common wishes. Celebration of festivity and warm. Zhicheng cantata by the company in charge of the leadership over the composition of "unity is strength" high up, reflecting the company's strong Zhicheng team; children Qian Jing Jie, NI Lin Hyun lovely erhu solo clarinet and attracted bursts of applause, staff Hangzhou Yadong The song "I love you China" reflects the Zhicheng employees patriotism and love of plants spirit, Bode applause applause. Lottery program so that guests and employees were in high spirits, waiting, miracle appeared awards each, etc., adding a festive event.
    Zhicheng company's hard-won achievements. More than ten years of wind and rain, more than ten years of hardship; Zhicheng proud but not complacent. Like money always said: our success as an ellipsis, and continuously.
    There is a way. Zhicheng better tomorrow!