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Only continuous improvement of service quality in order to create the company's endless, from the concept of quality, Zhicheng company has been to enhance the company's own competitiveness by improving internal management effective allocation of resources. Zhicheng company is one of the industry's full implementation of the ISO9002 quality system of enterprises, both in all aspects of sales, production, sale, and so have established a comprehensive control system to ensure every possible way to reach customer service. Zhicheng Zhicheng efforts of the achievements of the company establish a good market image and professional reputation.
In 1990 the implementation of total quality management, and the establishment of a sound quality assurance system, spiral plate heat exchanger technology in strict accordance with the Swedish "Al Farah Laval" standards, quality in the domestic leading position.
   Zhicheng company will seek some valuable and challenging task, which task is to rely on strength of the team to accomplish, such as new product planning, customer satisfaction surveys, employee business assessment and so on. One can reduce some of the company unnecessary expenses, most of these activities in the past rely on external professional support companies, but there are certain acclimatization phenomenon. We passed the module after a reasonable division of tasks undertaken within its capacity, so that they in actual combat to experience difficulty thinking and business departments work to strengthen the teamwork, but also solve many practical problems. Corporate culture in order to rely on the accumulation of drip inside to each employee who, in difficult times the company's plan to organize systematic learning, allowing them to more deeply appreciate the core values of the company, as we have often referred to the "whole-hearted help you invent the future. "
   Macro is a long-term strategy is. The tactics are microscopic, the moment the company is to be solved through training for staff to learn more about management style and product classification and application, how training and coaching subordinates, how to motivate employees, inter-departmental communication in cooperation.