Large-scale fermenter

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Fermenter, seeds cans series

Fermentation equipment is a reaction equipment is widely used microbial growth. Various microorganisms are grown in an appropriate environment, metabolism and fermentation products formed in the fermentation tank. Fermentation equipment has been widely used in the pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate, enzymes, food and other industries.
Fermentation equipment can type can be divided into two categories: one is the anaerobic fermentation Cone (such as alcohol fermentation), and the other is for the gas fermentation tank type (such as standard formula, Wu style, self-priming, etc.). Such equipment especially in standard type tank type most widely used. Fermenter series of drawings I plant design part of the standard formula cans. In the design of a variety of fermentation equipment, the design of the structure to achieve tight, there is enough strength and service life, and strive less equipment inside the annex, surface light, smooth, noted to have good gas jujube thorn vapor contact and vapor mixing solid performance so that mass transfer, gas exchange efficiently. There is sufficient heat exchange area, to ensure that the fermentation can be performed in the most suitable temperature. Pay attention to the sealing performance of the equipment to ensure sterilization.
I plant designed as a standard fermenter type pot, this pot when the nominal volume of 6M3 or less when using a jacketed tank. Cooling or heating gas fermentation, by a jacket to complete. When the nominal volume of 6M3 or more, the cooling of fermentation gas from vertical row of tubes to bear in terms of the tank drain pipe connection we have made improvements. This is mainly to avoid more openings in the tank, open into a corner. This continuous manner satisfactory results in practical use.
Baffle tank set for improving stirring efficiency, whether the bezel directly affect the fermentation tank vapor flip the situation, so the tank installed by the bezel is very important, according to the information on the setting of the number of baffles decrease Changes and leaf width dimension of the measured data, the tank using four or six baffle plate width of 1 / 12-1 / 10, to improve the mixing efficiency is ideal.
Fermentation equipment stirrer is the main means by stirring vapor, so that fresh culture medium ingredients, mixing air, mycelia reach mass transfer and heat transfer. Currently, there are three basic forms of stirrer: flat leaf (straight blade), curved leaves, leaf arrow. I plant to provide equipment used in curved leaf. This curved leaf worm stirrer fermentation steam shearing effect, fermented steam radial and axial flow, has been compared with the straight blade worm stirrer, at the same diameter, speed, leaf width and other conditions, curved leaf stirring device consumes less power, but the effect is very good, currently in the country has been widely used.
In the motor configuration, we use Y-type motor (horizontal) and YJL motor (vertical) usually uses vertical motor when the nominal volume of 15M3 less. At the same time it can use horizontal motor.
Takeover of the fermenter tank side is also very important, according to our many years of experience, we have designed takeovers orientation is reasonable, even for the convenience of the workers to operate, which have been calculated over size, as otherwise specifically user requirements can be negotiated changes For special specifications I plant can be designed.

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