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First, the enterprise development policy: the leading domestic product, world-class quality, work better customer service satisfaction.
Second, corporate objectives: to do first-class enterprises, a world brand, tree-class image.
Third, the business philosophy: Recommended quality products, providing star service
1, on the client:
    We will always respect the customer first, the customer first.
    Zero defect products, the use of trouble-free service without concern.
    The customer is the purpose of our work.
    Customers are entitled to dedicated service.
2, service satisfaction guarantee system: think customers are thinking, be anxious customers.
3, the service key moment: when the first moment in any sector of customers to patronize the company.
4. Customer's rights declaration:
    Customer is entitled to receive his scheduled products.
    Customer is entitled to access to services.
    Customer is entitled to know the real situation, have the right to ask and to receive timely and effective response.
    Customers are entitled to courtesy, honesty and respect treat.
    The customer is entitled to any help we can provide.
    The customer is entitled to make their own satisfaction guarantee.
5, Service taboo: to cope, rigid, cold, mechanical body language, smile lack of sincerity and enthusiasm.
Fourth, the company talent:
    The need to adapt their own work;
    Work focused and aggressive;
    With a spirit of collaboration, creative thinking;
    The company's interests first;
    The courage to take responsibility;
    Good work attitude:
    Anywhere with enthusiasm and courage to face everything.